Monday, February 15, 2010

Goatucation: Can You be Buddies with Your Buck, Part II

Last week I showed you that the publicist and Luke get along very well. 

This led to a number of questions that I thought I would answer for you today. But first I am going to post a photo of my little studmuffin because it makes me happy to do so.

He is a cutie, isn't he? Even when he is expressing his opinion of Matthew the goat.

Daisy asked if some buck are a little bit mean - yes some buck surely are. Michael the goat was a little bit mean to the publicist and that is why he no longer on the Farm. He charged at her and flipped her so that she landed flat on her stomach. Then he stomped on her. This was not nice at all.

Carolyn asked if the publicist had to burn her sweater due to buck smell - no mostly because Luke isn't in rut right now. He doesn't stink so much. Of course I love his smell but I know you humans can find it offensive.

jaz wanted to know what makes the "buck smell." Well I will try and be delicate here. When bucks want to attract us does they well, urinate on themselves. All over their legs and faces. After doing this several times a day for weeks at a I need say more?

So I hope this helps answer you questions about the love of my life. He is a very good buck and very nice to the publicist. Even with his big horns he has never tried to but her or hurt her.

Happy President's Day to all of my human friends in the USA.


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