Meet the Farm Cats

Stinky the Farm Cat

Stinky is the most senior cat on the Farm. You can read how she came to be with the publicist in her intermew. She is a pretty tabby girl and spends most of her day napping. She does occasionally get the crazies and go running about but she mostly likes to sleep on her heated cat pad.

She is the only girl cat on the Farm.

Pumpkin the Farm Cat

Pumpkin is next eldest, we think. Since no one really knows how old he is. You can read how Pumpkin came to the Farm in his intermew. Pumpkin is much more comfortable on the Farm now and spends his summers outside basking in the sun.

He still does love treats, though.

Sherpa the Farm Cat

Sherpa is our shelter cat. He was a very special present from the male person to the publicist. You can read his intermew to learn how he came to the Farm. He is a big, beautiful orange boy.

He also has no shame.

Harry the Farm Cat

Harry is the baby cat of the Farm family. He was a stray cat that a neighbor found and brought to the publicist. It seems that he was never intermewed! But AbbyGoat did introduce him. Harry is the mouser of the Farm cat family and he spends a lot of time in the barn huntin' mousie.

He also likes to sleep. He IS a cat.

Stubby the Farm Cat

Stubby is the newest Farm cat to join the chaos. He wandered by and the publicist scooped him up and got him a pompomectomy. He's happy to be here.

He is making himself at home and finding places to nap like any cat. He does want to start roaming again and will probably be a cat that spends more time out than in but at least he now has his shots and is fixed.

You can read his intermew HERE.

I hope you enjoyed meeting all of the Farm cats. They like appearing on my blog.


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