Monday, April 5, 2010

Goatucation: All About Where We Live

This is not a typical Goatucation post. Instead of telling you about us goats I am going to tell you about our Farm. In the comments last week a lot of you asked about our river and wanted to know more about it so I thought I would tell you about our little patch of Western Montana.

We live in a town called Superior. It is in Mineral County and we are not far from the Idaho border. (If you want to learn the facts and figures about the County you can go HERE.)

Superior was named after the same town in Wisconsin. The people who founded the town named it after the town they came from.  The post office was founded in 1871; Mineral County had one of the largest gold strikes and helped to settle the West. Mining was a major industry for a while but it, of course panned out (heh heh). Timber was also a big industry but that has also died off. 

Our river is the Clark Fork River. It is 360 miles long and ultimately drains into Lake Pend Oreille in Idaho. The Pend Oreille River then connects the lake into the Columbia River which then goes to the Pacific Ocean. Our river is named for William A. Clark of Lewis and Clark fame. 

Mineral County is home to the Alberton Gorge which has a great white water rafting The county is almost 85% National Forest so there is lots of great hiking and camping. There is also world class trout fishing in the Clark Fork River and many of the myriad creeks, streams and alpine lakes that can be found throughout the county.  The male person told me about these things and he should know - he has done them all!

The publicist, when she can, just loves to sit and watch the river go by....

 It is beautiful, isn't it.
We love to graze on our riverbank.

I hope you enjoyed today's Goatucation!

Tomorrow:  The Strike is OVER!


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