Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Strike Has ENDED!!!!

I knew we would win.
I knew the publicist would get the weather sorted out.
This is what we woke up to on Easter Sunday

Nothing but beautiful blue skies no matter which way you looked.
There is nothing like the Big blue sky in Montana

So now we are no longer striking and we went back to work!
The publicist thought it might be a good idea if we helped to mow the grass up by the road.
We are not allowed to do this without her.
She is afraid we might go across the street and visit the horses. We are not allowed to cross the street. Those things you humans drive called cars can hurt us.

The grass is growing very well up by the road and it is bright green and truly yummy. The first grass of Spring is always a treat!
Mallory enjoyed herself quite a bit

So did I , but I am, of course, a dignified goat.

Now Abby - she is a lawn mowing machine!

Just look at her go!

She really shovels it in.

Talk about nom, nom, nom!

After we finished mowing the grass I went for a rest in the pen. As you know I am a bit tired with my kids due so soon.

 The other girls and Matthew went for a graze by the riverbank.

It is just so nice to have the sun back.
We hope the publicist keeps it this way.....OR ELSE!

Tomorrow:  Wordless Wednesday (Almost)


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