Monday, March 1, 2010

Goatucation: Further Study of The Mountain Goat

It's time for Goatucation and today I am going to further goatucate you on the subject of my wild cousin, the mountain goat. I personally have never met one of my mountain goat cousins but the publicist and the male person did run into some when they visited Glacier National Park here in Montana. It's a very beautiful place - or so they said. This is one of their favorite scenes from the park. It's St. Mary's Lake....

But I digress.
The mountain goat is also called the Rocky Mountain Goat and it is only found in North America. Both nannies and billied grow horns just like us Nigerian Dwarf goats. Mountain goats grow a nice thick fur to help keep them warm in the winter; they can withstand temperatures to -50° F and winds up to 100 MPH. Brrrrr!

 Billy goats weigh from 100 - 300 pounds with the nanny goats being around 25% less. They are about 3 feet tall at the shoulders. If I weren't so in love with my studmuffin I might just find a goat like this veeeerrrrryyyy attractive.

Mountain goats are found in the Rocky and Cascade Mountain ranges in Northern Washington, Idaho and Montana through British Columbia and Alberta and the Chugach Mountains in Alaska.  Some of my white, furry cousins have been transplanted into Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and other places.
Hmmmm, I would like to see other places. I wonder how I can arrange something like that.

As you can see the mountain goat looks very different from a Nigerian Dwarf goat but they are still cute.
I hope you enjoyed learning more about my wild cousins. The publicist took these photos when she visited Glacier. She says it's beautiful and if you are ever in Montana you should visit.

I think she should take me there for a visit so I could meet my cousins! Wouldn't that be fun?


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