Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Goats Movie EXTRA - Blue Guy

Blue Guy has been a very, very bad rooster. In fact there are rumours that he won't be with us much longer. I have heard the publicist muttering things like "rooster stew" and "chicken fricasse."

I can't say I blame the publicist. 
Blue Guy has started attacking her head.
The Rhode Island Reds stay at knee level. They leave nasty bruises but they aren't going to take out her eye.
Blue Guy is sneaky and light.
He flies at her when she is bending down to put out our hay.
She is not happy.
She says things that I cannot repeat on a family blog.

So given these events I thought I would show you a video of Blue Guy before I woke up one day and found him to be gone.

The male person has said things about making flies with his feathers.
I really thing Blue Guy is doomed.
He really should not have tried to attack the publicist's head.
Stupid Blue Guy!


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