Thursday, January 28, 2010

Matthew Butt Me!

That Matthew! He is growing up and he is getting frisky. His nanny had a date with Luke the goat on Tuesday - I will tell you all about that on Saturday - and Matthew was running around because he missed her. So he decided to take it out on me.

He came over and started to butt me. This is where he got the goat hair that was on his horn yesterday. Silly Matthew!

 I put my head down to him but that did not seem to discourage him at all.

He even did the goat stomp at me.
The goat stomp!

Can you imagine such a thing?!
Who does he think he is? Harumph!
Mallory was watching - with pride I think. Harumph again! But I suppose I would be proud if a kid of mine did the goat stomp at a bigger goat so I guess I understand....

He soon calmed down and went and stood on the stool with his nanny. I am sure she was critiquing his stomping.


Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay!


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