Friday, January 29, 2010

AbbyDay: I am Stealing Pricilla's Award Because I Think I Deserve It More Anyway

Pricilla was given an award by the very funny blogger Grand Pooba. Pricilla is very bad about her awards but I am going to take this one because I think I deserve it more than she does anyway. Grand Pooba has said that this is One Lovely Blog! Isn't that nice?

The rules say I  have to pass it on to seven other blogs that I like. Ha! I am Abby - I don't follow the rules! I say give it to all of the blogs that come to visit me. I say Pfffttt! to the rules. That's how I run.

It also wouldn't be AbbyDay without a picture of me! Here is one with me and Pricilla - see, I can share the limelight - out in our other field munching on weeds.

Have a great weekend everyone! Be sure to come back for the movies on Sunday.

Tomorrow: Luke and Mallory have a date 


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