Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just WHERE Did Luke Go?

I am sure you are all dying from the suspense since I left you hanging on Saturday.  I told you that Luke was heading up the driveway - where was he going?

That little devil! He was going to go off the Farm!

He started to go across the street to visit the horses. You know how we all like to go visiting now and then.

But the publicist ran after him and got him back onto the Farm where he went over to nibble on the pine trees.

Ooooh, look at that cute little goat! I wish I could run right over there and.....this is a family blog, I will behave.

He then gave his head a good scratching. Those limbs are very good head scratchers.

And he headed back to his pen.

What an adventure for my little studmuffin. He had a great time out exploring.


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