Tuesday, January 31, 2012

AbbyDay - That's IT! I, Abby, am Officially Tired of This Snow!

It's AbbyDay! The best day of the week. Hasn't you day been brightened because you are seeing ME?! Of course it has!

I am officially tired of the snow.
I demand it be taken away.

Although I must admit that I do look good against the white background.
Don't you think?

After goat yoga last week I looked all around and decided enough was enough.
I mean, we can hardly walk in our goat pen.

See? Even I, AbbyGoat slipped.
This is not the way a graceful goat wants to look.

Thelma expresses my opinion perfectly. I am teaching her all of the important skills.

So that's it snow!
AbbyGoat says so!
(The AbbyGoat Stare of Death is surely enough to melt snow!)


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