Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Our friend, Da Bean is giving this cute little guy away on his blog, A Day in the Life of Da Bean. The giveaway ends on April 17th so you have to hurry on over to enter. The publicist is hoping to win it for the male person because guess what?!


That is right. Our very special male person is having his big day today. 
We want him to know that we love him very much and are so happy that he is there to take care of us. We know we run away from him sometimes but that doesn't mean we don't really love him. We are just playing hard to pet.

So, just for you male person:

Maaaaa maaamaaaa maaa to you
Maaaaa maaamaaaa maaa to you
Maaaaa maaamaaaaaaaaaa dear male person!
Maaaaa maaamaaaa to YOU!

We hope you have a day full of apples and grain!


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