Friday, March 26, 2010

AbbyDay - I Inspect the Hay Pile

It's AbbyDay so of course I am going to show you what a wonderful goat I can be!
Pricilla tries to tell you that I am a mean goat but that is NOT TRUE!
I am a very helpful goat.
Just ask the publicist.
Today I helped her. A lot! In fact it is going to take two posts to tell you how much of a help I was. That's right!

You saw yesterday how the male person brought us some yummy new hay. But how did we really know it was yummy? Some goat needed to taste taste it and I thought that goat should be me!

So I climbed to the top of the hay pile.

I was going to be a thorough inspector goat so I gave it a good sniff.

Then I gave it a nibble.


And another nibble. And many more nibbles. Mmmmm, it's very good hay! I should know - I am a hay expert.

Then I checked the loose stuff at the bottom.

I found a tasty surprise!

I found some corn husks.
Mmmm, corn husks. What a yummy treat!

I had fun in the hay pile!
I made an excellent hay inspector.

Tomorrow: The rest of Abby's helpful day.


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