Friday, March 12, 2010

AbbyDay: I Get Some Brushing

It's AbbyDay.
My favorite day of the week.
It is that time of year. The time we start to shed our warm winter undercoats.
I - and all the goats, except Mallory - have little poofs of underfuf all over us. I mean, just look at me...

This is not a good thing for a star goat!
So I called over to my executive assistant and requested some attention.

She was very thorough. Brushing my back...

Brushing my head....

 But then she just went and got silly on me. 
I MAAAAAed her back in line!

 Aaaaaah, pure bliss.

Until I had had enough! Even a goat being pampered has her limits!
I gave the goat stare of death!

I needed to get some hay.
I was a hungry girl.
It is hard to be pampered.

Tomorrow:  Luke has a three course meal.


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