Monday, February 22, 2010

Goatucation: My Rich Milk

As you know I am not just a SpokesGoat. 
I am also a milk goat.
Although right now I am on break from being milked because my kid is due soon. 
But my main job on the Farm is provide rich milk for the publicist and male person to drink and to use to make my rich soap. The publicist also makes cheese, ice cream and caramel sauce with my milk. And well Abby's and Mallory's too.

Goat's milk is very good for you humans. It is full of good stuff; it has 13% more calcium, 25% more B6, 47% more Vitamin A and 27% more selenium than big ole cow's milk. It also has more potassium, niacin and other minerals. So there is no reason to keep the cow's in business. Not to mention the fact that my rich milk tastes delicious! It is also good for humans that are lactose intolerant - they can usually drink goat's milk.

So knowing all of this why would you all not go out and get yourselves a goat or two?
Just look at this face - how can you resist?

Tomorrow:  The Goat Olympics continue


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