Friday, February 19, 2010

AbbyDay - I Will Win the Gold Medal in Field Lounging!

Hi everyone! It's AbbyDay so you know what that means! All Abby - glorious Abby.
Since the Olympics are going on I thought I would show you my Gold Medal form in the great goat Olympic event of Field Lounging. I suspect that you find no other goat has better form and that I will be awarded the Gold Medal!

Just look at me here - have you ever seen a prettier goat?

 My fur just shines even in the limited sun.

I stretch to scratch at my leg and you can see my goat muscles. Mmm! I am gorgeous!

 Young Matthew could learn a lot from studying me. It will be many years before he even comes close to being medal ready. You can see I am giving him some tips. I can be a helpful goat.

I even attempted a big smile for the judges.

Then my profile...
I don't even let those pesky chickens mess with my style.

 And now I just wait for the big announcement! I am sure that it will soon be all over the news that I, Abby the goat, have won the Gold Medal in Field Lounging.

You can all applaud now!

Tomorrow: An unexpected visitor during the Field Lounging competition


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