Friday, November 27, 2009

AbbyDay - Buuuuuuurrrrpppp!

I hope that everyone had a nice day yesterday. I understand that you humans eat a lot on Thanksgiving. Well, I eat a lot everyday. It's just a goat's way. You have seen me at my best eating many tasty things around this Farm.  

Carrot tops

Broccoli plants

Beet Greens

But a doe has to eat, you know. If she doesn't she can't make the goat poop that fertilizes the garden around here. Hey, it's a fact of life! And I look STUNNING while I eat!

erm, excuse me.

Just to let you know the publicist is having a BIG SALE in her jewelry shop! 30% off everything for this weekend only - from Friday through Monday.With FREE SHIPPING! And if you mention the word BLOG in the notes to seller you will get a free bar of Pricilla's rich soap. So it's a good time to buy yourself a present or to start your holiday shopping.

Or if you want to buy something for me I think blue would look best against my fur.


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