Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catstacular Event - Guest Post from Bingo! And a Giveaway of Bingo's Big Adventure

Before I get to today's guest I want to ask you to go over to thepublicist's blog today. She has a very important post about how we all can help the animals in Japan. It's about a web event called Paws for Japan.

I am a very excited cat today!
I get to introduce a FAMOUS cat. He has a book! His name is Bingo and his book is 

Bingo's Big Adventure. He even has his own blog
I think I should have a blog....sshhhhhhh! Don't tell Pricilla!

What is even better I MET his mommy.
His mommy is Julia from Our Simple Life and Julia and her family came to visit the Farm last year. Bingo the cat did not come to visit, though. That WOULD have been a Big Adventure for sure!

So without further amew here is Bingo!

Greetings Humans! I am Bingo and I live in California. Please join me for an extraordinary day out on my farm. I love to sniff the air and feel the new grass leaves between my toes. It's spring and there is no better time to be a cat!

Maybe I spoke too soon . . . Da da da dum... da da da dum.... (Sometimes I wish I had my own orchestra). There is a large brown animal in my creek. She is no stranger to our land. SHE is the largish puppy named Scout, who invaded our property about 9 months ago. I do not like her . . .

To begin with, Scout the dog sploshes and slops and slurps up water. She is very undignified and has awful manners. Then she likes to sneak my cat food when no one is guarding it because she is a thief. And WORST of all she likes to CHASE ME!

Oh, has she seen me yet? I sure hope not. The Tall Lady, my personal human, has been trying to train her to not chase us cats, but when she is not around the dog is accountable to no one. She likes to torment me. I don't think I can scratch her well enough to dissuade her pursuit. But I run faster than Scout the dog. She can NOT catch me!

Just to be on the safe side of the cat-dog relationship, I think I'll hightail it out of here in a fast but casual manner and hope for the best on higher ground. I am Bingo, The Mighty Adventurer, but even I have my limits.

OH NO!!!! She has spotted me! I must run . . . NOW!

The humiliation, the suffering, the embarrassment. I am shamed to call my self a cat. But I'd rather be a cat with all my fur than a cat in the mouth of the beastly dog. Woe is me.

Now that I have shown you how wimpy I am, I bet you won't believe that the Tall Lady wrote a children's picture book about me. It's called Bingo's Big Adventure. In this photo documentary I meet another scary cat on my farm, I climb a spectacular tree and I even chase a vicious rooster. Yep. I sulked along after that foul fowl until he spotted me . . . and then I . . . um . . . um . . . ran home to my human mommy the Tall Lady that is . . . So basically I am a "chicken" dressed in cat fur. But that is how cats survive is it not.

Well, I need to back down this tree some time soon and get myself in the house. That is, after the DOG leaves. Then I can retire for my much needed nap. Thanks for viewing my personal cat trauma.

Bye for now!

Bingo wants you to know that his book is now available for e-readers! If you will remember I was helping the male person read the publicist's nook so I think this is great!

Bingo is going to give away one of his books! His mommy said he could. Isn't that great?

How do you win? It's easy!
But first some rules:

US only
No PO boxes
18 yrs old+


Go to Bingo's Blog and tell me about one of his adventures. Be sure to leave me your email address so I can contact you if you win.


1. Leave a comment on the publicist's post about Paws for Japan.
2. Follow my blog with GFC
3. Follow my blog by email
4. Follow Bingo's Blog by GFC
5. Follow the publicist's blog by email
6. Follow my networked blogs - the widget is off to the right
7. Follow the publicist's blog on Facebook

8. Share the giveaway with the share buttons at the end of the post (except Stumble Upon) leave a comment for each share.
9. Follow the publicist on twitter and tweet:  #win Bingo's Big Adventure by Julia King during the Catstacular Event @BrokenTeepee @ #giveaway

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry. I will ask the publicist to go to to choose the winner on March 30th. The winner will have 48hrs to claim their book!

Disclosure:  I did not receive anything for writing this post. OK - I got some treats. But the publicist didn't get anything but the joy of sharing a very good book.


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