Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Goats in the Snow

We have had a bit of snow the last couple of days. It has been rather annoying snow in that it is just enough to cover our favorite basking spots but not enough to have the publicist keep us in our barn. Harumph!

The publicist thought it would be funny to take pictures of us with snow on us. Is she crazy? I think she might be. I do not think that I am enhanced by snow - do you?

Now of course my little studmuffin looks good no matter what. A little bit of snow enhances his dark fur.

Matthew is just plain cute it doesn't matter whether he has snow on him or not.

Abby was getting a little annoyed at the publicist. I think she just wanted to get into a dry goathouse. I can't say that I blamed her....

We goats are much happier with warm sunshine. This snow just melted and made a mud pit out of our pen. Yuck!

Tomorrow:  Wordless Wednesday


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