Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Shaggy Time!

Aaahhhh, Spring is coming to the Farm. How can I tell, you ask? Not by the temperatures, that is for sure. Nor by the weather as we had quite the little snowstorm yesterday. I can tell by the state of our coats.
It's shaggy time on the Happy Goats Farm!

We are a mess; some of us more than others of us. Abby and Michael are the worst. I mean, just look at Abby. She looks like she is shedding little mini sheep. You would think she would have the grace to shed mini goats.

What she is shedding is the warm underfur we grow to keep us warm in the winter. In Abby's case the white of her underfur really shows against her black coat.

My coat is varied and has white in it so my shedding isn't as noticeable.

Michael is a raggedy mess. The publicist keeps pulling big pouffy pieces off of him but they keep reappearing.

He looks like he is trying to have dreadlocks. Maybe he wants to move to Jamaica. I wouldn't blame him; it is warm all the time there.

Luke was very curious while the publicist was taking these pictures. He kept putting his little head over the fence. It was a good thing the electricity wasn't running through the fence wires or he would have been in for a shock. Ha! I made a joke. He isn't as shaggy as the rest of us - he lost a lot of his fur in the change from baby goat to adult goat.

Soon we will shed all of this fur and be back to our summer coats and we won't look as ragged. THAT will mean nice, warm sunny weather. I am all for that.


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