Monday, July 26, 2010

Today I am a GiveawayGoat!

It was a happy/sad weekend on the Farm as Lew and Timmy went off to their new Farm.
I will have more to say on that later with this whole week devoted to photos and posts about the twins. It was sad to see them go but their new Farm is bigger than the Happy Goats Farm. There are children to play with them and they will have a horse for company.  Their new publicist has worked in 4H for a long time so she knows how to care for animals.  So don't be sad be happy for them!

To help make everyone feel better I am going to be a GiveawayGoat today. Since my retirement I have taken on many new hats and I have to say I like it! I will of course bring in my head shot since I am doing official business.

There, aren't I lovely? Do you think I need a new head shot or is this one good? Let me know, OK?

Now on to the giveaway. You might be surprised at this one but I am giving away coffee!
That is right!
You might also be surprised to learn that we goats like the occasional munch of a coffee bean.
We can't eat too many of them because too many beans of any type are not good for us.
But the publicist put some old coffee beans in the mulch and we goats were all over them.
Mmmm, and they perked us right up! heh

I'm going to tell you about Kahve Coffee and how one of you can win a 12oz bag of coffee beans. The publicist will be getting a bag too. The things I do for that woman - but I guess she's pretty good to me....

Kahve Coffee has only just started selling to the public. They used to just sell to restaurants so you know the coffee must be good. The publicist is going to pick the Espresso Noire because she likes REALLY strong coffee. She says it has something to do with getting up early to take care of cantankerous goats.

I wonder what goats she is talking about, because there are no cantankerous goats here.

So I'll bet you want to know how to win. Well, it's easy but first, a rule - US only.  


Go to Kahve Coffee and tell me what 12oz package (not the flavored blends as they are 5lb bags)you would pick if you won. Choose wisely because this is the one you will get if you win. Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.

EXTRA ENTRIES: Leave a separate comment for each entry please.

1. Follow my blog. If you do just say so, and thank you
2. Subscribe by email or RSS feed 
3. Use any of the share buttons below the post and share the giveaway

All entries need to be in by 9PM MDT on August 8th when I will go to to choose the winner - although this is past my bedtime so it might have to wait until the next morning. But I might be so excited the publicist will let me stay up later. He/she will have 48hrs to respond or I will pick a new winner.

Good luck everyone!

Disclosure:  The publicist is going to get a bag of coffee even though I did all of the work. Maybe she will share a few beans with me. I hope so. Neither one of us received any money for this post. The publicist doesn't let me near money because I eat it. 


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